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Friday, June 18, 2021

Piano Tuning


Need your piano tuned?

My name is Keith Derbyshire.  I've been tuning for over 30 years, part-time. 
Since I am now retired from my other job, I have more time to devote to your piano.
I charge $ 100.00 currently,  (just increased)
     There are discounts for churches, multiple pianos at one location on one day, 
     and for senior citizens (but only if requested).
          Can't afford to have your piano tuned? 
          Apply for Pro Bona Musica, my program to help you!
I also do most minor repairs.  If it is something simple,
I will usually do it for no charge when I am done tuning,
or I will give you an estimate if it will take a while.
Please self-schedule on my home page by hitting the big button. Super easy!
Call 517-902-4478 (or 517-436-3623) to set up an appointment. Or hit Contact on my home page. 
Just e-mail me with times good for you from those listed  and I will confirm online or by phone.
Please leave a message if I'm not home, saying your phone number twice please.
For each tuning, you can have a free piece of sheet music (or $3.95 off your total order).
Since nobody asks for their free music, I hope to soon be leaving a random music selection
on your piano when I am finished.
Click on Sheet Music on the home page for more details.
Need a tuning, but can't afford one?
For a free tuning or for a reduced price,
look for the Pro Bona Musica* application form on the home page.
          *I think that means "For the Good of the Music" or "For the Musical Good"
          I credit my 4 years of Latin, but I should look it up to make sure.