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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Piano Tuning


Need your piano tuned?

My name is Keith Derbyshire.  I've been tuning for over 25 years, part-time. 
I usually tune in the evenings, although other times are available sometimes. 
I charge $ 75.00 currently,  increased (April 15, 2011)
I also do most minor repairs.  If it is something simple,
I will usually do it for no charge when I am done tuning,
or I will give you an estimate if it will take a while.
[I am also the world's worst procrastinator,
so if I don't get back to you in a reasonable time,
please feel free to call and bug me repeatedly!!!]
Call 517-436-3623 to set up an appointment. Or hit Contact on my home page. 
I will try to have available times listed on my home page.
Just e-mail me with times good for you from those listed  and I will confirm online or by phone.
Please leave a message if I'm not home, saying your phone number twice please.
For each tuning, you can have a free piece of sheet music (or $3.95 off your total order).
Since nobody asks for their free music, I hope to soon be leaving a random music selection
on your piano when I am finished.
Click on Sheet Music on the home page for more details.
Need a tuning, but can't afford one?
For a free tuning or for a reduced price,
look for the Pro Bona Musica* application form on the home page.
          *I think that means "For the Good of the Music" or "For the Musical Good"
          I credit my 4 years of Latin, but I should look it up to make sure.