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Friday, June 18, 2021

Piano Teachers

My hat's off to all the Piano Teachers out there!! 

What a job - trying to motivate and inspire,
while not making the lessons so hard
that their students run for the hills. 
Piano teachers registered on this site can get a discounted piano tuning
and also can receive 25% off 'Piano Method' sheet music books, such as
Schaum, Keys for the Kingdom, etc. This is so they can sell those books
to their students and receive a little profit for themselves. 
Or they can keep a stash of books to loan to their students.
Any piano teachers out there can advertise on this page for free. 
Please fill out the Piano Teacher Questionnaire on this site or call me
and I can mail you one.
I need your information but all info to be posted on the website is optional,
except your first name, initial of last name, and city of operation.

Piano Teachers in the Lenawee County Area:

              (just the ones I know of) *
I will list their full name, numbers, and other info if they give me permission  to do so.
If you want the list, send me an e-mail with your full name, address and phone #.
This is protect their privacy.          



       Abigail B.               265-

       Stephanie B.           265-

       Cindy B.              265-

       Sarah B.              605-

       Linda D.             264-       cell: 673-

       Susan F.           263-

       Nancy H.          265-

     JoAnne Murrey     Cell: 517-260-0823
                                        35 years teaching experience

      Mary N.             263-

       ?                           403-  (your home or mine)



       Robin H.          443-



       Sharon B.        458-



       Julie R.        423-


*As of March 16, 2013


If any of these are no longer in business or the phone number is wrong, please let Keith know at 517-436-3623 or or  Thanks!  Keith Derbyshire


(all phone numbers are area code 517 unless otherwise noted)