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Friday, June 18, 2021

Pianos for Sale

Contact me and I will give your information to the seller.



   Mrs. R. has a 1908 upright player piano for sale. The player part works slightly, probably has some leaks. The damper pedal rod needs adjusting and some other minor action work. The tuning is very good, only a few cents off at middle C.  I'm having trouble getting the pictures to load. Maybe later. Located in basement in Airport section of Adrian.  She would like $100, but needs to get it out of her basement so she can re-carpet. So if you want an old gem that needs some work, you're in luck.


 Marcia L. would like to sell this beautiful Baldwin for $1500 or best offer. She had to choose between two pianos and decided she preferred the tone and responsiveness of the other piano. This is an excellent piano and just needs tuning and some work on the keys to keep them from sticking.  This piano is located off of Ogden Hwy, south of US-223.