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Friday, June 18, 2021


Electronic Organ & Keyboard Repair

DePeal's Electronic Services
Walbridge OH
Ph: 1-419-838-7035
Daniel DePeal has 30 years experience with organ repair. 
I know he has done a good job on our church organ at Sand Creek Community Church,
and other Lenawee County churches have used him. 
I don't know him personally and receive no remuneration from him for mentioning him on this page.
 Bill Reineck is now retired and is not accepting any new business as far as I know!
Reineck Organ & Keyboard Service
     Electronic Music Technician

Organs or Keyboards for sale/ or want to buy:


Here is free space for you to advertise your organ or keyboard for sale if you live in SE MI or NW OH.
-or if you repair either of them.  Just click on the Contact on the Home page.